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Abby Chair in burgundy leather. L:29 W:36 H:30.5

Abigail Chair in cream floral fabric.

Anna Chair in red fabric with pattern. L:27 W:29 H:35

Arlid Chair in white leather. L:37 W:35 H:31

Atwood Chair in cream or dark grey or a brown tweed fabric. L:35.5 W:33 H:27

Berlin Chair in light grey or dark grey. L:32 W:30 H:32

Brian Tub Chair in olive or brown microfibre. L:26 W:26 H:34.5

Bristol Chair in brown-grey tweed fabric. L:45 W:37 H:33

Britanny Chair in grey patterned fabric. L:36 W:28 H:36

Casablanca Chair in cream fabric. L:24.7 W:24 H:35

Catherine Highback Chair. L:34 W:30 H:39

Charles Chair in grey or caramel fabric. L:33 W:33 H:27.5

Chloe Tub Chair in cream microsuede. L:32 W:31 H:34.5

Christopher Chair in black leather. L:36 W:26 H:33

Cora Chair in brown patterned fabric. L:34 W:29 H:37.5

Curve Chair in gold and dark green pattern fabric. L:25 W:25 H:34

Delano Chair in white and black. L:28 W:30 H:25

Dublin Slipper Chair in white/black patterned fabric. L:28 W:36 H:26

Elliot Chair in green fabric or mustard yellow. L:26 W:29 H:32

Felicity Chair in black fabric with silver studs. L:23 W:23 H:23