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Walnut wood with glass. L:47 W:27.5 H:29.5

Dark red leather. L:29 W:36 H:30.5

Cream fabric, floral print L:25 W:27 H:38  

Brown fabric (3 piece). L:93 W:93 H:31

Dark taupe wood-like L:16 W:36 H:16

Dark taupe, wood-like L:18 W:18 H:20

Metal base, glass top. L:43 W:43 H:15

Black fabric (adjustable) L:19 W:16 SH:25-30

Black wood (1 drawer). L:46 W:20.5 H:31

Grey, metal legs L:19 W:19 H:41

Grey salt and pepper fabric L:18 W:18 H:30

50 x 50

Wood, metal legs. L:45 W:15 H:28

Medium grey long shag 8 x 10

Red fabric with pattern. L:27 W:29 H:35

Reclaimed pine, metal base. L:36 W:36 H:18.5

Reclaimed pine, metal base L:22 W:14.5 H:22.5

Silver velvet, light wood legs L:35 W:32 H:27

Silver/grey velvet L:59 W:32 H:27

Silver/grey velvet
L:81 W:32 H:27