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Ivory leather. L:84 W:36 H:35

50 x 40

Grey or dark blue fabric L:29.5 W:31.5 H:32

Dark oak-5 drawers. L:33.5 W:20 H:48

Black wood, rectangular. L:78 W:42 H:29

Dark oak-6 drawers L:63 W:20 H:33

Dark oak-2 drawers. L:16 W:24 H:23

Reclaimed like-wood and chrome L:24 W:22 H:22

Reclaimed like-wood and chrome L:48 W:24 H:18

Reclaimed like-wood and chrome L:48 W:14 H:30

White or black leather club chairL:36 W:38 H:33

Light grey/blue fabricL:35 W:32 H:30

Chestnut wood, glass. Higher Table L:35 W:35 H:16

Brown leather. L:64 W:32 H:34

Chestnut wood. Lower Table L:47 W:25.5 H:10

Black or white leather.L:82 W:36 H:33

White with chrome baseL:14 W:17 H:25-33

Silver silky fabric. L:31.5 W:32 H:33.5

Brown or grey (adjustable)L:16 W:18 SH:26-34

Black wood base, glass top. L:51 W: 36 H:15