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Black/tan checkered fabric. L:27 W:30 H:35

Light taupe leather look L:19 W:28 H:38.5

Dark brown leather, chrome legL:21 W:21 H:30

Rosetta I50 x 50

50 x 50

Oatmeal color fabricL:22 W:22 H:17.5

Light cream fabric. L:89 W:29 H:28

Black with stripes, wood legs. L:25 W:25 H:30

White, hour glass shape L:12 W:12 H:17

Blue fabric, wood legs L:19 W:21 H:33

50 x 50

White or clear glass, chrome. L:48 W:24 H:12

White or clear glass, chrome. L:36 W:10 H:30.5

White or clear glass, chrome. L:18 W:18 H:19

Abstract Giclee 36 x 72

3 piece clear glass.W:18, 20 & 21 H:17, 19 & 20

White or brown leather, chrome L:21 W:18 H:33

Abstract 40 x 40

36 x 60

Moss green, teal, grey, or blue. L:30 W:27 H:31