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Tan fabric with blue, brown swirl L:19 W:23 H:40.5

Dark wood, metal baseL:63 W:26 H:30

40 x 40

50 x 50

40 x 60

40 x 50

Dark brown leather. L:88 W:91 H:53

Cream leather. L:91 W:70 H:53

Grey concrete, black baseL:21.5 W:21.5 H:21

Wood with black glass top. L:47.5 W:24 H:18

Wood with black glass top. L:22 W:24 H:20.5

Dark wood, red fabricL:18 W:18 H:40

White, chrome (1 drawer)L:11 W:18 H:22

Reclaimed wood, black metal legs. L:42 W:42 H:39.5

Ivory microfiber. L:75 W:35 H:33

Walnut, metal base. Small table L:20 W:20 H:20

Walnut, metal base. Large table L:22 W:22 H:22

54 x 54