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Wood with glass inlay. L:24 W:24 H:24

Chestnut wood (also in King). L:91 W:66 H:60

Glass top, metal legs. L:48 W:16 H:29

Colorful lacquer end tables L:16 W:16 H:15

Reclaimed wood
L:20 W:20 H:20

Reclaimed wood, metal legs L:43 W:23.5 H:16.5

Reclaimed wood, black legs L:39.5 W:14 H:31.5

Grey or light brown. L:32 W:26 H:35

30 x 60

50 x 50

Green/grey fabric armchair L:31 W:34 H:35

Grey fabric (Adjustable) L:12 W:22.5 SH:24-30

Chrome metal, glass top L:44 W:22 H:17

Chrome with glass top. L:32 W:32 H:16

Cream brown and gold print L:22.5 W:30.5 H:33

Silver metal, curved back L:16 W:16 SH:30

Chrome, black glass (2 shelf) L:43 W:12 H:32

Glass top, chrome tripod base L:31.5 W:31.5 H:19