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Atos Dining Table. L:60 D:36 H:30

Avant Dining Table in wood. L:54 W:54 H:30

Brad Counter Table in dark mahogany wood. L:35 W:35 H:36

Bravo Dining table with smoked or clear glass. L:55 W:55 H:30

Broderick Dining table in wood and glass. L:83 W:43 H:29.5

Cario Bistro Table with a white top and blonde wood legs D:27 H:28.5

Dresbar Dining Table L:38 W:66 H:30

Ella Extendable Dining Table in espresso wood. L:62-98 W:40 H:30

Galaxy Dining Table L:39 W:39 H:39

Gladstone Dining Table L:59 W:35.5 H:29

Hara Nook Table in espresso wood. L:35.5 W:35.5 H:29.5

Kimonte Dining Table in wood L:45 W:24 H:29.75

Lam Extendable Dining Table in oak and white L:78 - 102 W:21.5 H:30

Lemon Drop Counter Table in clear glass L:40 W:40 H:36.5

Lemon Drop Dining table in chrome and glass L:42 W:42 H:29.5

Macbeth Dining Table in walnut L: 60 W:36 H:29.5

Madison Extension Dining Table in espresso wood. L:60-78 W:38 H:29

Milano Chianti Table in Espresso wood. L:38 W:38 H:30

Modena Dining Table in wood and glass. L:59 W:35.5 H:29.5

Montana Dining Table with white top and blonde wood L:42 W:42 H:29.5