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Tan or cognac. L:22 W:17 SH:24

White top and blonde wood legs L:27 W:27 H:28.5

White, wood back L:22 W:17 SH:29.5

Blue or grey suede, gold legs L:23 W:18 H:36

Brushed gold, glass top L:40 W:40 H:29

Chrome/black base, glass top L:39 W:39 H:29.5

Yellow or red fabric, blonde wood L:20 W:18 H:30

Light beige fabric, wood legs L:23 W:18 H:39

Light grey fabric, metal L:17 W:19 SH:26

Grey fabric (adjustable) L:19 W:18 SH:25-31

White, grey or black. L:18 W:17 H:36

Dark wood base, round glass L:45 W:45 H:30

White or taupe leather. L:18 W:21.5 H:30

Dark wood, linen seat L:18.5 W:24 H:40

Brown/grey wood L:38 W:66 H:30

Wood and tan micro suede. L:23.5 W:19 SH:26

Light wood-3 drawers. L:20 W:72 H:32

Beige or grey, walnut leg L:24 W:18.5 H:40

Espresso wood, extendable L:62-98 W:40 H:30

Black with tan woven seat L:22 W:20 H:30