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Beige fabric, wood legs L:54 W:18 H:27

Pearl leather. Storage L:46 W:17 H:16

White leather with chrome legs. L:55 W:16 H:16

Rust or brown microfiber. L:19 W:19 H:19

Black, white or grey leather L:17 W:17 H:17

Linen fabric, wood legs. L:45 W:18 H:21

Espresso wood. L:44 W:16.5 H:18

Beige or grey, wood frame L:48.5 W:16 H:21.5

Grey leather, wood legs L:48 W:18.5 H:23

Black or cream leather bench L:48 W:17 H:15.5

White leather. Storage L:50 W:21 H:15

White Fur
L:14.5 W:14.5 H:17

White top, metal base. L:57 W:22 H:22

Grey or beige fabric, wood legs L:48 W:17 H:18

Stainless steel look. L:16 W:55 H:17

Stainless steel look. L:16 W:16 H:17

Round, light blue leather like L:17 W:17 H:17

Beige blend, wood legs L:31.5 W:12 H:18

Light or dark grey fabric L:38 W:38 H:16.5

Chrome, black or white leather. L:22 W:17.5 H:18

Oatmeal color fabric L:22 W:22 H:17.5

Beige with silver studs L:41.5 W:16.5 H:18

Natural wood, metal legs L:48 W:18.5 H:14

Taupe medallion-print L:18 W:44 H:23

Grey, brown wood legs L:43 W:18.5 H:17.5

Yellow leather with studs. L:14.5 W:14.5 H:17.5

Grey velvet, gold band L:14 W:14 H:16

Grey or beige with studs L:17 W:17 H:17.5