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Dark taupe wood-likeL:16 W:36 H:16

Dark taupe, wood-likeL:18 W:18 H:20

Metal base, glass top.L:43 W:43 H:15

Reclaimed pine, metal base. L:36 W:36 H:18.5

Reclaimed pine, metal base L:22 W:14.5 H:22.5

Dark wood. Lower shelf L:35.5 W:35.5 H:17.5

Dark wood. L:19.5 W:19.5 H:20

Glossy white, chrome baseL:22 W:44 H:18.5

Chrome and black glass. L:43.5 W:24 H:18

Chrome and black glass. L:23.5 W:23.5 H:17.5

Natural wood with cut out. L:18 W:18 H:18

Taupe, black metal (1 drawer)L:10.5 W:16.5 H:22

Gold with glass top
L:19 W:19 H:22

Antique grey metal, glass top L:22 W:22 H:22

Antique grey metal, glass L:36 W:36 H:18

Glossy white, chromeL:18 W:18 H:23.5

White or Taupe (2 drawers)L:13 W:18 H:23.5

Black, grey topL:21.5 W:35.5 H:16

Black, grey topL:20 W:20 H:19.5

Wood legs, glass top. L:24 W:24 H:32