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Ferris Chair in black wood and cream leather. L:31.5 W:26.5 H:30.5

Gabby Chair in grey floral fabric. L:25 W:28 H:35

Grant Chair in grey fabric. L:24 W:20 H:30.5

Greta Chair in green striped fabric. L:29 W:23 H:32

Halset Chair in light grey fabric L:26 W:33 H:33

Henley Chair in dove grey leather. L:34 W:31 H:35

Jane Chair in light or dark grey fabric. L:35 W:35 H:30

Jester Chair in black/brown chocolate and red fabric. L:29 W:29 H:35

Jester Chair in a brown and gold pattern. L:29 W:29 H:35

Laila Chair in white fabric. L:32 W:31 H:33.5

Lee Chair in wheat-colour fabric. L:26 W:24 H:32.5

Leonardo Armchair in cream leather. Rented only as a set with the Leonardo Sofa L:38 W:34 H:31

Lisbon Chair and Ottoman in straw colored fabric. L:32 W:30 H:30 L:29 W:23 H:18

Luton Slipper Chair in taupe fabric. L:33 W:23 H:32

Luton Chair in espresso leather. L:30 W:33.5 H:33.5

Marco Lounge Barcelona-style Chair in espresso leather. L:29 W:31 H:32

Nicole Chair in a silver silky fabric. L:31.5 W:32 H:33.5

Olivia Tub Chair in cream floral fabric. L:25 W:33 H:33

Ophelia Chair in brown microfibre. L:24 W:24 H:38

Opus Chair in cream fabric with dark brown circles. L:25 W:35 H:33.5