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Light cream fabric. L:32 W:31 H:33.5

Wheat-color fabric, wood. L:26 W:24 H:32.5

Cream leather armchair. L:38 W:34 H:31

Silver velour, black legs L:22 W:20 H:35

Taupe fabric slipper chair. L:33 W:23 H:32

Espresso leather. L:30 W:33.5 H:33.5

Barcelona-style, espresso leather. L:29 W:31 H:32

Grey velvety fabric L:29.5 W:31.5 H:31.75

Silver silky fabric. L:31.5 W:32 H:33.5

Cream floral fabric, wood. L:25 W:33 H:33

Brown microfiber. L:24 W:24 H:38

Cream fabric, brown circles. L:25 W:35 H:33.5

Grey fabric armchair L:36 W:35 H:34

Black/tan checkered fabric. L:27 W:30 H:35

Black with stripes, wood legs. L:25 W:25 H:30

Moss green, teal, grey, or blue. L:30 W:27 H:31

Linen-style cream fabric. L:35 W:32 H:32

Teal fabric, tuftedL:33 W:35 H:34

Mocha fabric, high back. L:30 W:35 H:37

Grey or light brown. L:32 W:26 H:35