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Chrome, black glass inlay L:43.5 W:27.5 H:16

Chrome, black glass inlay L:20 w:20 H:20

Grey velvet, gold band L:14 W:14 H:16

Glass top, walnut base L:47 W:35 H:15

Slipper Chair in pearl fabric. L:25 W:23.5 H:27.5

Black wire basket with glass top L:15 w:15 H:24

Glass top, chrome base. L:22 W:22 H:17.5

White with frosted glass top L:47 W:27 H:15

White with a frosted glass top L:27 W:27 H:23

White with frosted glass top. L:62.5 W:17.5 H:14.5

Grey or beige with studs L:17 W:17 H:17.5

Glass top, chrome base L:20 W:20 H:21