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Beige with grey pattern 8x11

Beige fabric (adjustable) L:19 W:22 SH:23.5-32

Grey fabric (adjustable) L:19 W:22 SH:23.5-32

Light grey suede, chrome legs L:31 W:31 H:31

Walnut wood, apartment size L:31.5 W:31.5 H:29.5

Graphite grey fabric L:36 W:36 H:37

Graphite grey fabric L:61 W:36 H:37

Graphite grey fabric L:86 W:36 H:37

Light brown fabric, high back L:57 W:38 H:38

Grey velvet, button tufted back L:22 W:25 H:34

Grey wood, black metal (1 drawer) L:18 W:12 H:22

Wood/black metal with shelves L:47 W:24 H:30

Charcoal fabric, black legs L:20 W:23.5 H:32

Sandstone beige fabric (RAF) L:110 W:62 H:33

Sandy brown fabric (LAF) L:110 W:62 H:33

Grey and cream pattern 8 x 10

Beige and light grey pattern 5 x 7

(LAF) Navy blue fabric, black legs L:96 W:36 H:38

Black glass top, black wood base L:55 W:31.5 H:30

Light blue with cream patter 5 x 7