Furniture Connection’s Staging Journey – From Calgary to Vancouver

Staging Furniture Connection Calgary and Vancouver living spaces

Staging Success: Furniture Connection's Staging Journey

Olga Brovkina opened Furniture Connection in 2008 in support of the family inner city redevelopment business. Construction projects from Hillhurst to Parkdale in Calgary have long been the focal point for replacing mundane bungalows with elegant mansions, duplexes, and multi-family infills

Staging (decorating) newly built homes had established a competitive advantage during the selling stages of projects.

The financial crisis of August 2008 and associated challenges in the real estate market interrupted a well-designed chain of consecutive housing redevelopment projects, but at the same time intensified the need for product uniqueness, exceptional presentation and customer appeal.

Furniture Connection operated out of a double garage in one of the redeveloped properties during its initial months. It was a product of Olga's perseverance and vision, coupled with Alexander Brovkin's hard physical work and marriage-based compliance.

And the rest (as they say) is history…

Driving past the projects we’ve completed always brings a sense of pride and good memories.

The Future of Staging and Interior Design at Furniture Connection

Over the last 15 years of Furniture Connection’s existence, we‘ve seen changes in the styles of interior design, construction, finishing and staging approaches, and we’ve always been ready to adopt and cater to our clients.

There are, however, three operation and execution philosophies at Furniture Connection that have remained unchanged throughout the years. They have been continuously passed on to new employees and adopted by our ever-growing network of locations.

We believe that the best people, an expansive inventory and impeccable logistics will always produce the best staging, rental or furnishing results.

Furniture Connection's Vancouver Staging Arm Garners Public Acclaim and Client Returns

Less than a year ago, Furniture Connection opened a fully equipped and autonomous staging arm in Vancouver that is currently led by Larissa Siqueira, an immensely talented stager and interior designer with a solid pedigree of projects and consistently satisfied returning clients. All of Larissa's staging projects ensure a top-notch presentation for selling or showroom properties. She carefully selects furniture and accessories from Furniture Connection’s ever-growing inventory, leaving property owners fully satisfied and in awe. For her hard work, Larissa has been rewarded with returns from clients and the unilateral acclaim of the public.

Our caring, efficient and polite Furniture Connection delivery and warehouse teams ensure our clients have the best experience at the warehouse and job site.

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and those pictures now remind me of our humble beginnings in 2008 in Calgary. To this day, we stay loyal to our main principles and philosophies that were envisioned and established in the past. people, inventory and logistics, we keep finessing with every job and every project! For more information about our exceptional staging services, contact us via our online form or give us a call at our Calgary location or our Vancouver location. Let's transform your space together!

- Alex Brovkin
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