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In my career as a Marine Engineer and an Offshore Manager, I have relocated nine times within the oil and gas industry (working with companies like McDermott, MarathonOil, Shell, TriOcean, Lundin Petroleum, and Canada LNG). Additionally, I have relocated twice with Furniture Connection. Each relocation experience was unique, but in every case, I relied on the support of the people responsible for managing the relocation process. These experiences have provided me with a diverse range of insights and valuable lessons.

Now, I find myself on the other side of the relocation process, assisting others with their moves. Over the past few years, Furniture Connection has helped hundreds of professionals and their families relocate, both domestically and internationally. Notable clients we have assisted include Microsoft, Amazon, Rio Tinto, Tech, Shell, Chevron, and BHP, among others. While we currently focus on providing relocation assistance in Western Canada, we are confident in our ability to serve clients nationwide.

As our business continues to grow, I am personally involved in relocation assistance frequently. I have learned a crucial rule over time: "UNDER PROMISE and OVER PERFORM."


Today, I am writing this article to express my overwhelming joy from the positive feedback received from two delightful families we recently assisted in Calgary—one from the University of Calgary medical faculty and another from Tech, a prominent Canadian mining company.

We take immense pride in the services we offer at Furniture Connection, providing customized furniture packages, kitchenware, dinnerware kits, bathroom essentials, and bedding to our clients. After completing our job to their full satisfaction, I often tell them, "all that is left for you to do is go grocery shopping," and they respond with smiles.

I genuinely love my job, and the smiles of contentment on our customers' faces are the cherry on top of my day. My work takes me to various places like Saskatoon, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort MacMurray, Grand Prairie, Canmore, Kelowna, Kitimat, Terrace, Prince George, Victoria, and Vancouver. Seeing those happy customers is always a rewarding experience.

- Alex Brovkin
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