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Whether you are considering staging to help sell your home, or simply in need of professional advice, we are here to help! With our design experience and our selection, we can bring exactly what is needed to maximize the potential of each and every space.

Furniture Connection creates designer looks without the designer price tag. The small investment to stage your property will be rewarded with a quick sale at the top price! Please take a moment to browse our staging gallery and to learn more about our services.


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Professional Staging of Vacant Properties

People often think that it is easier to sell a vacant home, as there are no furnishings, clutter or personal things to distract the buyer from the home. The real estate statistics show that is not true.

Very few buyers are able to visualize the space without items in it and struggle to imagine what type and size of furniture they will place and where, what are they going to do with that “dancing floor” and whether that small bedroom will fit a queen bed.

Staging is not the same thing as interior design or interior decorating. Both Interior designers and interior decorators focus on creating an environment for the client that suits how they live. Staging focuses on improving a property by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing and attractive product for sale, it focuses on neutralizing the space, not personalizing it. Staging often uses the minimum of furniture and accessories with the goal to emphasise the house’s architectural advantages and appeal to the most people.

Though staging uses furniture and décor items it is not just furnishing and decorating. It is a series of techniques that help a buyer to emotionally connect with the space and create a place for the eye to rest. You are not just selling a three bedroom home with two bathrooms and a bonus room, you are selling a lifestyle and the way people want to live.

Don’t forget about the beautiful professional photos that you get after staging a property! Take a look at our staging gallery to see some beautifully staged properties.

Vacant Home Staging is our specialty. Vacant Staging is often costly and time consuming for a homeowner to do by themselves. Since we have an inventory of furniture, we can rent you the items you need and keep your vacant home staging costs and time to a minimum. Remember, we can do as little or as much as you need – there are no minimums.

Costs for staging a vacant property vary – we will provide a quote at no cost to you. Our services include the staging work and rental of the furnishings from our inventory. We have a wide variety of furniture and accessories to complement any home.

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